Flywheel Measurements at Coral Castle
Copyright © Jeremy Stride
June 6, 2013 at 8:25 pm

I took these measurements at Coral Castle during 2009. This is the first time I have posted this information online. If you have any questions or need additional photographs or perspective get in touch and chances are good that I can help you out.

Many of the questions I get involve the measurements of the flywheel. Most of the flywheel parts come from the components of an old Model T Ford car. It has been documented that Henry Ford was a Freemason and I believe the car parts were made to specifications for multiple applications.

© Copyright Jeremy Stride


The base of the pyramid must be exactly 14” x 14”, matching the MRA above.

Pyramid Base: 14” and Height: 8.904”
Pyramid Side Slope: 11.326” (SqRt(Phi) ratio divides it into 6.341”:4.985”)
Pyramid Edge/Corner Slope: 13.3147”

14 squared is 196, which is Ed's "box number" at the Post Office. (PO BOX 196).

Hint: If you read Ed's book on Magnetic Current, whenever he references the wooden box he symbolically means the pyramid.

Wood and GS

North Wood (L x W x H): 20” x 7.5” x 5.2” (approx), note 20” is equal to full width of flywheel.
North Wood Top Square Bolt: 1” x 1”
Wood Core Circular Ends Diameters: 1.5”
GS Height: 3.25”
GS Thickness: 0.125”
GS Width: 24” (20” along the North Wood, 4” remains out at the West End)
GS Bend: 1.5”
West Wood (L x W x H): 17” x 9” x 4.5” (approx)


Top of Pipe to Ground: 34”
Pipe Star Main Diameter: ~5.75” with a 3” pipe diameter.
Pipe Star Addition Diameter: 6” with a precisely 2” hole.


Handle: 5.5” (5.0” main part with a 0.5” cap)
Height of four arches on top of flywheel: 1.25”
Height of anomaly ring above top magnet level: 1.25”
DBolts: 1” x 1”
Flywheel Stand Width: ~9.5” with 1” width’s on either side so ~7.5” inner part.
Flywheel Circumference at Magnet Ends: ~61.5”
Center of one arch bend to the one on the opposing side of the flywheel: 13” (see video).

Angles and Polarities

I measured the magnets with a compass. All 5 rows are identical so the following perspective is appropriate.

Flywheel Magnets

The flywheel has 120 magnets. There are 5 rows and 24 in each row. These come from an old Model T ford. If you are serious about recreating the flywheel you should use the same magnets. One of the affidavits signed by people who knew Ed mentions Fred Fuchs, the name of someone that Ed got these magnets from.


Star Diameter: 4.5”, (matches backwood) with a center bore of 1” and another width of 1.5”.
Star C Semi Circle Diameter: 2”
Length of the six holes in the star: ~1”
Diameter of small vertical holes in the star: ~0.44”;


MRA Horizontal Total: 21”, divided as 5.2” (over pipe), and 14” (over flywheel), height is 2”
MRA Vertical Total: 14.5” divided as 2.3” top and approx 10” lower vertical part.

Looking from the side, MRA Centerpiece: 6.4” height and ~1” width.


Backwood is an IC. (Illustrative component).

Backwood: 10.5” length and 3” width.
Backwood center cutout: 4.5” length and 1” width.


LH Diameter: 14” (11” excluding 1.5” border) with further markings at 3”, 1.5 (like end of WC), 0.7”, and ~0.3”.

SH Diameter: 7.5” (6.5” excluding 0.5” border), then with 3.6” (2.5” excluding 0.5” border) and 1.5 (like end of WC). Depth is ~2.5” with ~2” space between plates, see video.

LH+SH Short Cylinder on connecting RA: 2” (Related to Pipe Star Addition and Drop Below)


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