Prime Revelations and The Future
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June 6, 2013 at 8:47 pm

Hello good people of the world:

It has been a long time since I have published new material. I have decided against producing another video due to time constraints, so instead I expect to post pages like this one here on the website.

This information requires some comprehension of my first video (The Secret of the Universe).

Now, onto business!

I would like to disclose the following highly significant revelations:

3 dimensional reality is clearly being defined in the first 7 prime quadruplets.

Now, I write what I write very carefully, and remember this is all formed in the complete setup, with the flywheel, and pyramid geometry:

The POINT is defined by the first quadruplet.  This is dimension zero. This point exists at all places along the axis of the pyramid. It is purely phi life force and has a value of 9, for whatever reason. It exists in dimension zero without restriction, and in this context can be easily accessed.

The LINE VECTOR is defined by the second. Vectors coming out of the central pyramid axis are generated continuously going out in all directions, in 15 degree increments (15, 30, 45, 60, 75, 90, 105...). There is an upward flow to everything, which ultimately causes 5 and a bit complete 360 degree cycles before reaching the top of the pyramid. These line vectors are the magnetic arcs.

Two dimensional reality (X direction) is defined by the third and fourth quadruplet in the form of two right angles. You remember from my video, 105 to 195, although now I understand that this process actually causes a right angle from 15 to 105, and then 105 to 195 - which polarizes the pyramid in an important respect.

The third dimension (Y direction) is brought in by the fifth and seventh quadruplet, connecting with the X dimension via quadruplet six.

Accessing Phi / The Life Force / SWEET 16

Additionally, as I present in my first video:

The X direction of reality, 2D, is created with Phi.

The Y direction of reality is brought in, 3D, with the Square Root of Phi.

Phi is accessible from the center of Quadruplet 1, the right angle of Quadruplet 3 and 4, and the Square Root of the center of Quadruplet 5 and 7.

There are different ways to access the field, and we need to access it in the third dimension.

This is a really big deal. But it gets better. Much better.

Much more visual, is this:

And again, anyone that doubts this design has anything to do with pyramids, just look to the left side of the image to see the endless array of them.

This is ceiling tile R1 because it is the first in a series of 5 in the Norman Hall in Philadelphia.

For our purposes it is true to say that R1 reflects the state of the magnetic arcs / invisible energy / prime quadruplets in the pyramid and flywheel set up, in a default state before any changes, but with the system intact.

We are looking down on the pyramid from above, so it appears as a square.

Now look closely:

All of the red in R1 is quite literally the life force, Phi.

It is also Ed's SWEET 16 field and is shown as 16-fold.

All of it. The bright red color. It's all the phi life force.

Dimension 0 has free flowing life force and is the central axis of the pyramid. We can see this here, reflected by the open bright life force in the center:

Now check this out:

All of the green 'leaves' you see here are representative of prime numbers:

It's quite true. These prime numbers of the prime quadruplets I have previously referenced.

Obviously this is conceptually difficult to transfer to you in its totality, however you can note the following:

Note that the right angles created by 105 and 195 have red phi life force coming from them.

Also important: the closed flower marked as X is not active. That is the third dimension life force and because the flower is shown as closed, it is inaccessible in this state.

This is because it is the square root of Phi. We need to square it in order to access the phi life force in the third dimension.

The bright red border of R1 is identifiable on the flywheel setup as the four clover arches and the 1" square D bolts.

These are the magnetic arcs:

The magnetic arcs are the 15 degree vectors that are being defined by the second prime quadruplet.

Think about this in any analysis of R1.

Jon Depew has a complete website about these magnetic arcs.

The complete number of spirals taken in the pyramid is  (360 degrees X 5) + 75 degrees. This comes from the 1875 center value of the seventh quadruplet.

The prime quadruplets occur at different positions of height in the pyramid:

The phi life force axis runs all the way from top the bottom, 100%. All of the other quadruplet forces build upon this, one on the other, as energy moves up through the pyramid, and therefore do not exist at all heights.

The numbers tell me that the first 4 quadruplets are all actually in the bottom 10.4% of the height of the pyramid, meaning that the second dimension (right angles 15 - 105 -195) are defined early, yet it takes the entire pyramid shape, quadruplets 5 and 7, to completely define the third dimension. This is consistent with all of the information I have.

Anyone interested can use these revelations to pursue their own understanding, and may communicate with me if they wish for the benefit of a more complete understanding.

Remember to credit me if you republish this information in any form.

Part 2

Best Wishes,

Jeremy Stride


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