Prime Revelations Part 2
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June 6, 2013 at 8:49 pm

Read this first:

This is part 2, find the first part here:

This entire series of articles, Prime Revelations, discloses stunning insights that I have never shared before. 

This page uses to first ceiling tile to describe more about the connection to the flywheel and the properties of the magnetic arcs.

This is the first ceiling tile, R1:

The first step is to count, label, and recognize everything. This is an extensive process for such a highly detailed design, however the smallest things are important.

It is for the most part symmetrical along both axis so we can deal with a quarter of it.

Before you continue, spend as much time as possible familiarizing yourself with the design:

This shows the magnetic forces as they exist in the flywheel and pyramid setup at the beginning. Everything is in place, but no other action has been taken.


All of the bright red color is of Phi Life Force which is the SWEET 16 field Ed refers to in code.

By dividing the image up into 16 parts, we can see that all of the red objects come out of these areas.

Additionally, the RF4 (Red Flowers) in the center of the design have values adding to 16.

Each one is composed of 3 full points, and 2 half points, giving 4 for each of the 4 flowers.

The Small RF's also add to 16, because each has a value of 2, and there are 8 of them.

The parallel to the 16 field is the 24 field. This is the result of the 24 flywheel magnets.

The primary arcs are the side arcs (yellow), and the corner arcs (blue).

Here is the flywheel. You can imagine the pyramid geometry on top.

If magnetism and geometry seems like an odd relationship, please read the book Shape Power by Dan Davidson to learn about the oddities that occur when combining rotating magnetic fields and geometry.

From above, the base of the pyramid will be 14" x 14" and the corners extend to meet the ends the magnets at 60°, 150°, 240°, and 330°.

The metal D Bolts and arches are all pressing against each other. The D Bolts are positioned so that the wires on them are in the position of the square root of Phi, 1.272. Please see the first video for more information.

The D Bolts and the arches are equivalent to the border and red corners on R1.

Each D Bolt has three wires on either side, and a twisting wire in the middle.

These wires run through, from the centers of the V shaped magnets on either side.

I call them D Bolt wires although technically they run along the arches.

Now we are getting interesting.

The wires on the arches are the equivalent of the tied corner arcs:

At this point we can recognize something exciting - these wires are used to untie the magnetic corner arcs.

If you look at the corner of the R1 tile you will see that the ends of the corner arcs are tied.

The twisting wire is used to untie the corner arcs.

Ultimately this is going to give us access to what is shown in R1 as neutralized, but it doesn't have to be, once we bring it out.

This is what I call third dimensional Phi and this knowledge shows us how to pull it out of the aether.

Below, this large heart is the neutralized object. It is filled with a light shade of brown, but originally was a bit stronger of a color, a dull redness.

You can see that the RF (Red Flower) is the neutral object, because it is closed. It isn't open like the other red flowers. This level of Phi can and will be accessed later.

The neutrality is defined by these three objects, and they have these particular values:

All of this information relates to the very beginning of the sacred technology and connects directly to Ed's numbers - 7129 6105195.

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