Prime Revelations Part 3 - Coral Castle and The Norman Hall
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June 6, 2013 at 8:53 pm

This is Part 3 in my attempt to publish whatever I can make comprehensible, and in a reasonable order.

Part 1:
Part 2:


Let's begin:

The photo below is E1.

I have short names for everything in the photograph as well. It's the only way to deal with this information.

This isn't something you can decipher without absolute dedication. It must be absorbed very deeply into your mind (through obsessive study of small details) over a period of months and years, unless this.

E1 is a masterpiece and contains many hundreds, or even thousands of clues. Very much like the front page of A Book In Every Home.

I expect E1 was created by Ed in the late 40's, while the front cover of A Book In Every Home would have been done at least 10 years earlier, in the mid 1930's. This version of the image is compiled from several other versions in an attempt to put together the lost areas on the sides.

Ed is standing in the West and facing East. As the viewer, we are looking into the photo and facing South.

In my first video, The Secret of the Universe, I revealed the positioning of the angles on the flywheel. These are the correct angles:

Now, it was some time after the discernment of the angles above, that I made the following discovery regarding E1.

The flywheel is positioned so 15° is exactly facing us.

While 30 seems to be interfacing directly with the block or cube.

You can see a small triangle on the block above.

Here is another triangle.

That's a perfect triangle. You can test this by rotating it by 120 degrees.

Here is a 3 4 5 triangle.

You can see above on the left that a chain is making up the hypotenuse of the triangle.

As an example of how absurd E1 becomes yet still managing to remain valid is this:

The hypotenuse chain is tied onto something.

The chain is tied on to something that represents the handle of the flywheel. We can determine this through various means, and in E1 we can confirm it with a basic alignment.

Here we can see the chain is tied onto the flywheel handle, but not the very top of it.

Notice here how the chain is tied to everything on the handle, with the exception of a darker part coming out the top.

The difference between the top of the handle and the rest is also defined clearly on the actual handle itself.

If you analyze E1 you may realize that there are various chains hanging all over the place. There are two different sizes of these chains. The number of links in the chains and there various positions are very important, of course. The larger chains are associated with the 16, and the smaller, the 24.

Moving on, I call this object the LH. Objects around it are positioned to act as clues with respect to these angles.

What I mean is that everything you see in the photo is arranged with respect to the angles coming from the center of the object labelled LH. There are literally hundreds of data points.

I would also like to make it clear that this upper section of the image is for symbolic purposes, these items are not actually used in the process of moving large stones. That is limited to the Flywheel, Wood, Pipe, MRA, and associated objects.

Now, the amount of data I have on E1 is immense and impressive, however I am leaving it out because it will be meaningless to you in this section. I just wanted to show you that every object in the image is there by design, and so many of them have associated angles and numbers, while portraying concepts with their unique visual relationships to each other.

This image is incredible.

All of this information connects with all of the other information at Coral Castle, and the Norman Hall.

Now we will step into the Norman Hall at the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania.

If you have seen my second video, The Secrets of the Universe, I describe the three stage displays in the Norman Hall. These are in order and show how to use the technology.

S1 - Stage 1 on the East Wall S2 - Stage 2 on the South Wall S3 - Stage 3 on the West Wall

Here is a view of S1. You are facing the East when you enter.

S1 (Stage 1), associated with the Triangle:

S2 (Stage 2), associated with the vertical (plumb):

S3 (Stage 3), associated with the horizontal (level):

The objects in the Seal of Solomon in order are the triangle (identical to the triangle on the block we just saw in E1), the plumb, and the level. The tools of the Freemasons.

If you have read my Prime Revelations page, you will know that the horizontal and vertical aspects in the prime quadruplets are found to define 3 dimensions. Each of these is dealt with respectively by Stage 2 and Stage 3 inside the Norman Hall.

In front of each stage is a fancy looking chair. One belongs to the Grand Master, one to the Senior Warden, and one to the Junior Warden. These chairs are almost identical in each stage.


Now we are going to match the elements making up S1 (Norman Hall) with what we can see in E1 (Coral Castle).

This will show you, once again, that the relationship between these two locations - Coral Castle in Florida, and the Norman Hall in Pennsylvania - is very specific to this technology.

Look very closely.

Some things, like the pipe and the block are quite clear.

It is amazing.

The primary difficulty in conceptualizing what is ultimately going on is due to the number of interactions of various fields going on at one time. This is why it is generally required to have some extra abilities. We won't give up, though.

Stage 1 in the Norman Hall

This is Stage 1 in the East.

We can recognize that there is something going on with the sequence of adding numbers, vs. vertical levels.

Level 1 = 1, Level 2 = 2, Level 3 = 3, etc.

A simple analysis of the pyramids below reveals that 15 is the result of the first 5 levels combined (1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5).

21 is the first 6 levels combined. (1 + 2 +3 + 4 + 5 + 6)

We can see that the level 6 (notice the 3 + 3) is cut off here from the first 5 levels.

So 15 is separated from 6. (1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 is separated from 6).

The golden colour on those spiked pyramids is the life force field being taken out of the 144 point and exploited by the block and what extends from it.

Keep in mind that there are 5 vertical levels of magnets in the flywheel, and one additional level above them containing mysterious metallic spheres and other strange objects which are embedded into the cement.

All of these actions are performed in the flywheel setup we can see in E1.

I am going to be direct about a few things that seem pretty crazy.

In many cases, technically I can't explain why these things are the way they are. It is a matter of putting that aside and just seeing how the pieces go together.

It makes sense to worry about the practical technical process last, because we are clearly outside of what our likely practical experience would be anyway.

Generally, this yellow area inside the angle is to be considered as occuring inside the wood.

When I say wood, I am referring to the block, the NW, and WW.

Below, this circular area is created by the pipe.

The space inside the arch above, the circular area, is created by going inside the pipe.

Yes the scale changes. Yes, the focus is on deep aspects of aether modification.

This would make the pipe horizontal in some strange sense.

And it means that there are multiple instances of the pipe shown basically side by side, with different perspectives.

It is conceptually very difficult. Many different interactions are being brought together at once.

Of course the pipe is upright as it stands next to the flywheel.

There is a clue for everything.

If we look on each side of the North wood we can see a circles matching the diameter of the pipe.

I consider this to be telling us symbolically where a pipe could conceptually run horizontally through.

Again, don't worry about how its done technically. Not right now, anyway.

S1 causes the entire system to end up partially inside the wall. We read it from front to back and can see how it ends at B, below.

The same concept is shown in a vertical fashion when we look at S1 head on. Notice how a significant section of the bottom part of the field is separated.

When we extend the field to parts of the system, and modify the field in these extensions, the modifications can also occur earlier on in the energetic situation.

This is a nice visual confirmation of the similarity between E1 and the Norman Hall, originally presented in The Secrets of the Universe:

Compare Above vs. Below.

There is such a lot of information to cover.

The elements in S1 that are shown as vertical are vertical, however they can be modified by passing the field into horizontal systems.


I call this metallic piece the MX and it has leads that connect to the ends of the North Wood.

A decade or two ago, MX was still attached to the North Wood at Coral Castle. At some point it was detached and I'm not sure where it rests, hopefully still in the tool room with everything else.

On each side of MX is a wire that connects it to the metallic core that runs through the North Wood.

So there is a core inside the North Wood, on top of which is the block, and on top of that, MX.

One strange disclosure at this point is to say that angles become spread out in a linear fashion.

For whatever reason that is how the numbers work in this system. When we take out part of the field from the pyramid flywheel system and expand it into MX, angles run from one end to the other.

At this point they can't really be called angles, but they were translated directly from them, and can be translated back later, after modifications.

I have found this same phenomenon in many places.

The angles in MX are the following (I could be slightly wrong here): they run from 285° to 285°. So it contains a 360° cycle. The center seems to be 97.5 or 105, which is most likely being defined by the position of the flywheel handle which is at 97.5° with respect to the flywheel and its magnets.

It is the parts of the field outside of the straps that are getting cut off.

MX starts off containing the 6 levels (1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6  21).

As if it wasn't difficult enough, what makes it infinitely more difficult is to realize that this part of the field is also cut off in other places as well.

In one part of the system level 6 is cut off, though not everywhere.

The golden arch

The golden arch is the metallic core inside the North Wood.

Remember, the arch shape is created because everything that is occurring inside the North Wood is in a strange but real sense also occurring in the pipe, as it would be placed horizontally inside the wood.

I hope to continue this conversation soon.

There is so much ground to cover, so many grand discoveries to be made at every turn.

And no one else seems to know!

Jeremy Stride


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