The Complicated Truth About Decoding Coral Castle
Copyright © Jeremy Stride
June 6, 2013 at 8:44 pm

This is the front cover of Ed's book, A BOOK IN EVERY HOME, published in 1936.

Overlayed on top are the valid connections I have made to this image, and these connections relate to everything at Coral Castle.

Here I present an honest view of the depth of analysis that's required to have any chance of solving the mysteries of Coral Castle.

You aren't supposed to understand it, but it provides an idea of how deep the visual design is embedded with useful technical information.

To be clear: the different stone objects on the cover image symbolize different parts of the flywheel setup. Their relationship to each other gives clues about the actual functioning of The Secrets of The Universe. 

Click the image to enlarge.

A BOOK IN EVERY HOME is encoded mathematically. The encoding process mirrors the technical mathematics that are inherent in the technology itself.

The cover of the book visually encodes the process of decoding the text of the book. No, I haven't solved the text of this book, and I don't believe anyone has.

Notice Ed is holding a small copy of a book with the same name. Symbolically, this smaller book represents the decoded text.

Looking closely at the book, it could be interpreted as a pyramid shape on top of a flywheel.


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