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Ed's Treasure Map and the Castle of Secrets

Ed's Treasure Map and the Castle of Secrets - The steps leading to the Coral Castle Tower door.
The steps leading to the Coral Castle Tower door.

Ed's Treasure Map and the Castle of Secrets

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 Coral Castle

On the 24th of January, in 1981, the TV program ‘In Search of…”, hosted by Leonard Nimoy, featured an episode on Coral Castle. It was called ‘The Castle of Secrets‘. 

The video has been posted on youtube and is available to watch below. 

It is understood that after Ed’s passing in late 1951, a piece of paper appearing like a treasure map was found in Ed’s room, which is the top part of the tower.

The steps leading to the Coral Castle Tower door.

The steps and doorway to Ed's room. 

The last part of the video contains reference to the Coral Castle Treasure Map: 

They also found $3,800 in crisp one hundred dollar bills, and what resembled a treasure map. All attempts to follow the directions on the map were futile. Nothing seemed to correspond to our normal three-dimensional geometry.

I am asked about this often. The only other reference to the map that I am aware of is within the Coral Castle Book by Carrol Lake

Among the papers that were found was a piece of paper which turned out to be a code map for a treasure cache in the grounds. It began with, “Start at the pump and go 20 paces” and so on. Meticulous following of those instructions led to nowhere – and to no treasure. This cache has never been found – if it really existed.

Although intriguing, I am not too concerned with it. I believe Ed had plenty of time to encode his secrets through other means and that this is not critical to the technical understanding. 

It is also entirely possible that the treasure map was not complete; Ed may have had plans to finish it – but his end came too soon and he never got the chance. 

More information will be posted on Code 144 if it becomes available.


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