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What is the Great Pyramid Made Of? - Great Pyramid Granite
Great Pyramid Granite

What is the Great Pyramid Made Of?

What is the Great Pyramid Made Of? - Great Pyramid Limestone Casing
Great Pyramid Limestone Casing

What is the Great Pyramid Made Of?

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What materials were used to construct the Great Pyramid?

Great Pyramid Granite

Great Pyramid Stone Blocks

Over 2 million stones are estimated to have been transported from nearby quarries in order to build the Great Pyramid.

The bulk of materials used in the construction of the Great Pyramid are about 5.5 million tonnes of limestone, 8,000 tonnes of Aswan granite, and over 450,000 tonnes of morter.

The primary building material of the Great Pyramid are large red granite blocks.

Outer Surface

Today, there is almost no remains of the fomerly great outer surface of the Great Pyramid.

What we see today is the underlying stepped structure which we are all familiar with.

The surface of the Great Pyramid used to be coated in Limestone.

At completion, the Great Pyramid was surfaced by white "casing stones" – slant-faced, but flat-topped, blocks of highly polished white limestone.

Casing stones can still be found for examination, either reused in nearby buildings, or even in the museums of other continents, including the British Museum.

Great Pyramid Limestone Casing

This limestone casing material is often described as being able to hold electrical charge and is related to a discharge against the Ionosphere.

Joseph Davidovits is widely known for his theory that the stones are synthetic mix, having being poured like concrete, such that the casing stones are able to produce notable electrical effects.

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Public Comments

March 11, 2017
2:21 am
The 2nd pyramid and 3rd pyramid at Giza are all of similar construction. They just lack the intricate chamber and tunnel system that the Great Pyramid has.
The 3rd (Menkaura) pyramid still has many casing stones in place, they are dark in colour (I believe they're basalt) and many have strange protrusions like you see in Peru/Bolivia.
Nobody REALLY knows what these protrusions were for.
Also the Red pyramid in Sakkara is of similar construction and has three (!) resonance chambers with corbelled roofs like the Grand Gallery in the Great Pyramid. Acoustics are amazing.
The best preserved pyramid of similar construction is the Bent pyramid in Sakkara, many of the casing stones are still in place. Some of them show signs of "melting"....
I have pictures that I can upload if you like, from two trips to Egypt in 2014 & 15.
So much to know about them pyramids & temples...
One thing is for sure, they weren't tombs.
Greetings, Betelgeuse.

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