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In Memory of the Red Door

In Memory of the Red Door

In Memory of the Red Door

In Memory of the Red Door

In Memory of the Red Door

In Memory of the Red Door

In Memory of the Red Door

In Memory of the Red Door

In Memory of the Red Door

In Memory of the Red Door

In Memory of the Red Door

In Memory of the Red Door

In Memory of the Red Door

In Memory of the Red Door

In Memory of the Red Door

In Memory of the Red Door

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 Coral Castle

The Red Door is Missing!

Up until about 2013 visitors to Coral Castle would see the iconic Red Door when entering through the opening on the West side. It turns out that the Red Door has been taken away. 

This page is to document the missing feature of Coral Castle to help ensure that it is not forgotten. Perhaps, sooner or later, the Red Door may also be restored -- or at least sighted! -- once again at Coral Castle.

I was able to take many photos of the Red Door when visiting Coral Castle in 2008.

When I revisited in 2014 the Red Door had been taken away.

If you are anything like me, it makes you cringe to think of how these changes add up over time, as more and more authentic aspects of Ed's intentions vanish into the aether.

In 2008 I brought a tape measure. They (the good people at Coral Castle) don't like it when you measure things, and I want to measure everything. I think they should let me measure everything, because there is no downside for them, and potentially massive upsides.

I was standing by the Red Door and I took a good look around. There was a short window of opportunity where no one was looking at me! So I grabbed some measurements. (I admit it.)

Compared with more complex shapes at Coral Castle, the two-dimensional clarity of these measurements are extremely welcome.

The Square Root of Two

The height of the Red Door is 81". That's 9 x 9 inches for the height of the door.

The width of the door appears less interesting at first, however it turns out that the Red Door is a square root of 2 rectangle.

What does this mean?

If you know anything about the SqRt(2) ratio, you will know that the A series of paper, i.e. A4 is based on this ratio. It has the property of ratio retention after folding. If you fold this rectangle in half, it will still have the SqRt(2) ratio after it has been folded, indefinitely.

When paper is folded in this way, it's folded at the center, right!? This leads to the simple idea that the Sun, which is at the center of the Red Door is also being folded in some way, perhaps multiple times. That could be something to dwell on.

The Red Door is also directly associated with the Red Bell, which is identical in color, and placed immediately above the door. Unlike the Red Door, the Red Bell is still in its proper position.

The Red Color is a reference to the Phi Life Force, as opposed to the Grey Stone Walls, which are not manifesting Phi onto themselves.

Manifesting Phi is what it's all about, and the Red Door matters, and will continue to matter, wherever it turns out to be...

If they don't want the Red Door, I'll gladly install it at the front of my house.

The Cooker

A reliable source (me) says that the Cooker is also in about this same Square Root of 2 Ratio. The Cooker is three-dimensional, and it has this ratio on each of its 4 sides.. The Cooker is about 25% larger in its replication of this fine ratio.

What used to be on the door?

A photo taken immediately after Ed passed away in December 1951 shows that Ed left the door with the words RING BELL printed on its top right section.

Additional photos reveal that prior to this time Ed had marked the door with different words.


What is on the door?

It looks like three small circles, or rings (relating to how the signs around it say RING TWICE and RING BELL, for three total rings) connected by lines.

One has 16 spikes around it, and says SUN underneath. The ring at the bottom says 21 EARTH. The ring at the top don't say nothin. I guess most people assume that the one at the top is also the earth and it's going around and around.

The 16 matches the 16 of the Masonic Sun.

Is there anything on the back of the door?

See for yourself! You won't be disappointed.

Click to zoom in.

In Conclusion

One day in the distant future I like to think that the Red Door will retake its rightful (and well earned) place at the West Side Entrance of Coral Castle.

Does this look ok to you!?

If you have any more information or notes about the Red Door, add your comments below.

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Public Comments

January 12, 2017
8:20 am
The About the numbers in the door: 21st letter in the Greek alphabet is Φ - the phi.
The motion causing circular or rather spiralling path earth travels is caused by radiation pressure.

The closed-form-derivation of pi (Π) in motion can be expressed by breaking a square into 16 parts that Phi can be expressed in terms of a circle's area and circumference and the equation is sqrt(16/((sqrt(5)+1)/2)) or 4/sqrt(phi), in decimals: 3.144605511. It's just as valid and true as the conventional pi at rest (3.141). One can perhaps relate to this by thinking the optical illusion of Schroeder stairs or listening the auditory illusion known as Shepard tone. As thought experiment it represents the Schrödingers cat which is closely related to conditional probability.

About the bell: It's an allegory for tuning the PMH-hysteresis and harmonics. The values of the above mentioned pi's are closely related to the harmonic series of over- and undertones.
September 9, 2018
12:24 pm
Could this be a hint on how Ed L. used harmonics to move the stones? Remember Jericho was demolished using sound. Do you think Ed knew the sound ratio of levitation in conjunction with the resonating harmonic sound of earth to neutralize the gravityto move the large stones himself?
August 22, 2019
11:02 pm
Please see my posts regarding this red door and the united States Liberty Bell... :) They are one in the same...The Liberty bell was "Twice Cast"...this is yet another way to say ring the bell twice..that was the clue you were a mason is my guess. Do you know the secret???
August 22, 2019
11:49 pm
Hows this for a correlation to the red door??? Are we able to post images here?

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