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Seven Steps From 33 Degrees - Leadbeater's chakra system with degree steps added.
Leadbeater's chakra system with degree steps added.

Seven Steps From 33 Degrees

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 Coral Castle

Code 144 reveals a sequence of seven steps following on from the establishment of the 33° Masonic Position. This information is encoded in verified Masonic Sources.

It should be noted that this general idea and its relevance extends across all symbolic systems. This page presents this concept as a very simple idea however it has an incredible number of other associations relating to many other geometries, with respect to both what it is contained in, and what it contains.

This is a symbolic principle that may be useful to other researchers.

The seven steps take off from 33°, where each step establishes a connection through the next chakra.

Step Value Chakra Association
7 40 Sahasrara (Crown) 2016 (5776, The Masonic Year of Light)
6 39 Ajna (Third Eye) 2015
5 38 Vishudda (Throat) 2014
4 37 Anahata (Heart) 1889
3 36 Manipura (Solar Plexus) 1764
2 35 Swadhisthana (Sacrum) 1639
1 34 Root 1514 (Melencolia I)

The relevance of these numbers extends in the human energy body, and symbolically in the nature of all things.

Embedded geometry of 5^3 (5*5*5 = a cycle of 125 years) increases the year count on each step.

From the fifth step, the throat Chakra, this moves into the relevance of the divine Masonic principles, and the Masonic Year of Light.

These degree steps are shown here, added to Charles Leadbeater's classic depiction of the chakras, from The Chakras and Man.

Leadbeater's chakra system with degree steps added.



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